Monarch Butterfly

The Beautiful Monarch Butterfly

Monarch: The Agency's Most Infamous Program - 21st Century Conclusions

The Monarch Program was run in parallel to the MK Ultra Project not in conjunction to it, after a brief survey of the shocking exposes around the web it seems many believe that MK Ultra had some part in the workings of Monarch while this is simply not the case. Their mind control techniques were used, that much is a fact, but they were used by The Agency of their own accord and without the knowledge of the nerdy and somewhat innocent scientists at MK Ultra.

Monarch, on the other hand, has been accused of some very shocking and horrific tactics to produce their penultimate result. I’ve learned to expect the worst of The Agency and what I read in my travels shocked even myself. Horrible reports and victims stories of mind control techniques, torture and even Satanic rituals on citizens estimated in the millions, if you can believe that.

To what end? I believe it was simply to break somewhat unstable and influenceable people down to nothing and then build them back up again into more stable more easily programmable citizens that could then be used for any purpose The Agency desired. Unsurprisingly it just produced a hell of a lot of quite broken people with a dire need to tell their story. It is these people spreading these stories of The Monarch Program.

But I had a holistic insight a little while ago, out of the blue my Facebook feed gave me a link to a video of “The Monarch Butterfly Waterfall”. It was wonderful and the sheer beauty of it gave me hope that somehow Monarch survivors could achieve such beauty in their lives as well. It made me think, why would they even name the project after such a beautiful butterfly if they truly had such evil intentions?

I put that thought on the backburner, as I am prone to do sometimes, and it popped up all fresh and ready for inspection this morning. I realised that ALL the atrocities the program had been accused of could be simulated quite easily, especially when mind control is brought into the mix. So if they could do this extreme programming primarily through simulation, why wouldn’t they? If their aim was to transform average people into exceptional people, no matter how spectacularly they have appeared to have failed, you’d think out of that estimated TWO MILLION people they would have created quite a few beautiful butterflies, don’t you think?

Pretty much all you’ll find on the Web in that respect are stories of people and how broken they are due to MK Ultra and Monarch, but you do have to take those with a grain of salt. I’m not saying at all that any of those people are lying as such but The Project and The Program do have a viral memetic element to them that tends to get into the heads of easily influenceable people and they see elements in their own lives that parallel with mind control techniques and they just attach themselves to it. Fact is, in the 21st Century we live in a World of Mind Control, from the products you buy, the music you listen to, the media, hell most people’s favorite pastime these days is sharing memes and the art and science of memetics is about as “mind viral” as you can get.

“Why?”, I hear you ask, “Why would you abandon the victims of Monarch, CIA?”. Here’s the thing, there’s one major factor that makes me believe that Monarch is not actually the evil Satanist abuse machine that it has been made out to be. You may or may not have heard of them, The Family.

The Family have been a very long running cult in Australia that until quite recently conducted its business quietly and without any bother. They were known for dying their hair white and cutting it a certain way so they seemed like Norse peoples, both Martin Bryant the Tasmanian mass shooter and Julian Assange of Wikileaks are previous members of the cult.

OK, that really doesn’t make them sound like a very good group of people, but this author had a brief experience meeting a small group of them a few years ago and they seemed balanced, humble, spiritual and open emotionally. I would have to say that if The Family was forged from Monarch Program techniques then this is a successful result. Rumors have it that they have strong ties within Australian society and even within politics.

So, when you’re reading dozens of horrifying reports and victims statements or watching the many YouTube videos, just give it a little thought, could The Agency have been running a play this entire time?


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