alpha and omega

This Is An Alpha & Omega Alert!

Agent D has been conducting a long running investigation into the possibility of a super secret Intelligence Agency operating within the Australian jurisdiction. This investigation began three years ago when his father revealed to him that he had, in fact, secretly been an operative for an agency under the directive of the Commonwealth and up until the age of forty five he had been an undercover narcotics surveillance agent.

Initially D found this difficult to believe as his father was well known for being a complete and total compulsive bullshit artist. Yet as time passed D’s powers of deductive reasoning combined with his ability to put investigative thought processes on the backburner made him realise that even if his delusional father thought he was a drug narc working for the Commonwealth, it was quite likely he had been under the employ of some kind of super secretive agency working within Australia.

Why did D finally come to this conclusion? Because he himself was a byproduct of the MK Ultra project and his families twenty something relocations up and down the east coast of Australia were likely to protect him from interference by competing interests. He figured they had fooled his simpleton of a father into believing he was doing drug surveillance when in reality he was being directed to move at a whim on behalf of this enigmatic agency for reasons still unknown.

The real reason for this alert, however, is that it is quite likely this agency is still operating, under the auspices of being a Commonwealth initiative, when the truth is far grander than that. You see, the C.I, bloody A has been known to be operating within Australia since at least the seventies, monitoring its Monarch program known as The Family cult which was a great success for them. So who is most likely behind this “Commonwealth” agency do you think? The United Kingdom, or the Central Intelligence Agency taking care of business by infiltrating our country in a clandestine fashion.

Agent VWe believe this to be the case, and this is an alert to all citizens, The Agency is on our shores and actively operating its devious schemes in mind control and social engineering. The Family cult is still active and as mentioned could be considered quite a success to the C.I.A. considering what a shit storm Monarch was in their own country.

Be wary my dear reader, The Agency is here and those cunts have no fear.

This is Agent V leaving you on that note, over and out.

Agent D